Thursday, April 8, 2010

One World. One Number. For Life

In order to actualize the mission " One World. One Number. For Life. ", e-Sky will:

Utilize e-numX Mini-Operator-Recurring-Earning ( MORE ) Program to create Entrepreneurs and Opportunities for all in the organization.

Be the first in many key Emerging Markets to introduce e-numX solutions via our MORE programs.

We have committed to our self to create a unique system to change the way the people communicate, creating our own Network, our own world. One World, One Number and one unique technology will allow people in the world to use e-numX solution to connect “anyone, anytime, anywhere” with or without internet.

We offer a wide range of cutting edge telecommunication solution to allow you to use your Mobile Phone, your landline phone, your PC, your PDA, your ATA in any part of the world with out any limits.

Attract the best technical and commercial staff and partners globally.

Our brand positioning expresses our vision of the financial protection industry: be available, attentive and reliable to our clients by striving for excellence constantly. That is why we have designed a comprehensive range of insurance plans to meet your financial needs at every stage of your lif